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Writing in Graduate School: Back to Basics

From developing essays, to using source material, to understanding the sometimes mysterious conventions of academic discourse, this workshop offers participants tools to become competent graduate-level writers and scholars. 

Clear, Coherent, Concise: Strategies for Writing with Style
A readable writing style depends less on talent and more on careful crafting of sentences. This workshop presents five sentence-writing techniques to transform weak, wordy writing that stumbles into precise, powerful prose that flows.

Presentation Design and Delivery

  This workshop will present simple strategies for developing and delivering oral presentations that inform, engage, and persuade. 


Register for Thursday, July 21

All events take place from 5:00 until 5:55 p.m. Registration is free and refreshments are provided. For more information, contact Writing Specialist Erica Vinskie at GVWritingCenter@psu.edu.