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See how you can save with Penn State Great Valley's GMAT Savings Opportunity

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Are you looking to pursue your graduate studies in business? Do you know that the GMAT is required in order to apply to most graduate business programs, including the MBA and the Master of Finance offered through Penn State Great Valley?

Get ready for the GMAT with Penn State Great Valley’s GMAT Preparation and Review Course. Our course consists of 14 sessions (7 weeks) where we will review the math, verbal and integrated reasoning sections of the test, as well as GMAT shortcuts, skills and strategies.

Upon completion of the GMAT course, you become eligible to receive a discount on your second course in either the MBA or Master of Finance offered through Penn State Great Valley. The cost of the preparation course is $575. You will receive a discount for that same amount.

Here’s how to save:

Apply and be accepted to the MBA or Master of Finance program, successfully complete the first course of the program and you’ll receive a discount on the tuition for the second course in your program of study.*

For additional program information, call  610-648-3281 or email gvskills@psu.edu.

Register online below.  Find out about registration options and the withdrawl/refund policy.

Course # Course Title   (click course # for description) Sessions


Fall I

CN ED 5005A GMAT Review Course


6:00 - 9:15 p.m. Tues. & Thurs.,
10/18 - 12/8
(no class on 11/22 & 11/24)
Register online

Fall 2016 Schedule

Note: The University reserves the right to cancel courses owing to insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances.

*Only available for the MBA or Master of Finance offered at Penn State Great Valley. Students who take the GMAT Prep course must have 60 days from the last day of class to submit their online application. Must be enrolled in the first course within 9 months of completing the GMAT Prep course.

Student Testimonials

"The GMAT preparation classes at Penn State Great Valley were the key to my success on the exam. I needed help with learning the GMAT material, and these classes ensured I knew what to expect on exam day. The instructors are masters of the material, and they made the classes engaging and interactive. They are certainly committed to the success of their students, and that combination of knowledge and dedication is hard to find."
-James Seward, GMAT Preparation Student

"Penn State Great Valley’s GMAT preparation classes provided me with the skills, strategies, and techniques necessary to prepare for the GMAT exam. The professors are excellent and go out of their way to ensure that every student has the support they need to succeed."
- Carrie Ann Forsythe

"Prior to taking the GMAT Math Prep Course at Penn State Great Valley, I had tried to relearn the basic math concepts from a GMAT prep book-—it might as well have been written in a foreign language! Once your class was finished, I had the fundamentals; all I needed was practice. Your class was a tremendous help, not just from a learning perspective, but also from a confidence standpoint. I proved to myself that I was capable of doing the math, and for that I sincerely thank you!"
-Leo Watt completed the GMAT Prep course at Penn State Great Valley, entered the MBA program at our campus, and works as a Project Manager at MEDecision, Inc.