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Four-year regional engineering program

Engineering Suite
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Penn State’s traditional model for earning a baccalaureate engineering degree at a Commonwealth campus usually means that students will matriculate two years at their Commonwealth campus, then relocate to another campus (most often University Park) to finish their remaining two years. For many engineering undergraduates in the Commonwealth system the opportunity or means to move to University Park is not always feasible. Now students have another option.

In March 2011, a University curricular committee approved the formation of the Penn State Abington, Penn State Brandywine, and Penn State Great Valley consortium, which will provide students with a new engineering degree option: Spend all four years in the Penn State Commonwealth system within the Philadelphia region with faculty from Abington and Brandywine providing the course delivery.

Effective spring 2012, the engineering degree option will be offered as a multidisciplinary track in engineering at the Abington and Brandywine campuses. Students can begin this program at either campus for their freshman and sophomore years then finish their junior and senior years by completing the remaining upper division courses at the Great Valley campus instead of transferring to University Park. It is anticipated that some students will choose to spend the additional time to earn a master’s degree at the Great Valley campus.

Bringing the program to the Philadelphia area supports a University strategy to create innovative academic programs and possibilities for students while fulfilling local industry demands and providing students with opportunities to network and build relationships through internships with area businesses.

Working together as a consortium, these entities consolidate the power of the Penn State brand in a major metropolitan area.

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