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The Penn State Great Valley Behavioral Threat Management Team is committed to the safety and well-being of our campus community.

Our goals are to help you:

  • recognize risky or threatening behavior
  • become more aware of potential threats
  • know how to report and respond to them

Together we can:

  • better identify trends that negatively affect our campus community, and
  • better respond to, manage, and analyze reported threats

Safety is everyone's responsibility.

By recognizing and reporting behavior that you are concerned about, you will help all of us be safer and help get assistance and services to those who may need them.

Please contact any member of the BTMT at any time if you have concerns about behavior that is risky or poses a possible threat to anyone.

Our Campus BTM Team

Craig Edelbrock, Chancellor, cse1@psu.edu, (O) 610-648-3202
Jim Nemes, Academic Affairs, jan16@psu.edu 610-648-3335,
Carla Holway, Student Services, cah1@psu.edu, 610-648-3258
Lisa Yerges, Human Resources, 610-892-1211, lyerges@psu.edu
Maria Zuccato, Business Services, 610-648-3270  mnz1@psu.edu

Additional Resources

PSU’s Behavioral Threat Management Program: http://btmt.psu.edu/
Frequently Asked Questions: http://btmt.psu.edu/faq/
Risk and Threat Indicators: http://btmt.psu.edu/indicators/
More Extensive Resources: http://btmt.psu.edu/resources/


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