Journal vs. Magazine Summary Table?

  Scholary Journal Magazine
Author(s) Experts in the given field, such as researchers, professors, and scholars. These authors are often affliated with a university or research center, and their credentials are given. Staff writer, journalist, lay person. Many times, the authorship of the article is not given.
Style Very serious and specialized. Very direct and often use very technical language. Articles usually based on findings of research. Non technical language so that most of the general public can easily understand and follow along.
Length/Depth Articles are usually very structured and can be very long- commonly more than ten pages. They can be extremely in depth with minute detail.
Articles usually don't follow any rigid format or structure. They can vary greatly in length and tend to be at least a little entertaining to read.
Bibliography Sources are usually provided in endnotes as well as footnotes. Aricles tend to be heavily footnoted. Most articles may cite a source within the text, but rarely have any sort of bibliography or footnotes stating sources.
Editorial Review Reviewed by an Editorial Board or outside scholars before publishing. A group of Peers will also review an article in a Refereed Journal. Articles are usually examined by an editor on staff.
Types of Illustrations Charts, graphs, maps, or photographs that support the author's data. Photos are usually black and white. Usually not very eye-catching. Often illustrated by numerous well-done color photos and sometimes easy to read eye-catching charts. Usually very flashy.





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